Buying Your New Home


When I talk to buyers many are confused by the process and Which way to turn

So…Let’s look at a few of the very basic steps to buying a property:

  1. Find an agent- one who likes working with buyers
  2. Find a lender
    1. Need help? – I have a great associate in Troy Barnum, with Bay Equity Homes at
  3. Get pre-qualified. – Troy will walk you through this process
  4. Establish what you can afford AND what you want to afford
  5. Once you know what you want and can afford – the fun begins!
  6. Remember Do Not Make ANY Large Purchases before buying a home – no car purchase, no expensive trips, keep your credit card purchases at a minimum all this in order to have the best debt ratio possible.
  1. Next you decide on the Home specifics
    1. Type of home – Condo, Townhouse, Single Family Residence?
    2. Style – Traditional, Modern, Bungalow, Spanish or?
    3. Size – Sq Feet, Number of Beds & Baths
    4. Location – Schools, restaurants, distance to work or to the beach!
      1. Drive neighborhoods to get a feel of what they are like
    5. Once you’ve narrowed your search and are ready
    6. Make an offer
      1. Its accepted or if rejected you counter offer
  1. Once the seller and buyer agree to terms of the initial offer escrow opens- you’re on your way!