A Special Message to Buyers

I love working with buyers because becoming a homeowner is such an exciting step to take! There are many benefits to owning property versus renting.
Here are a few:
future gains in appreciation (while never guaranteed) allowing you to build a nest egg. These gains can assist you in the future down payment        of a larger or more expensive home
a steady predictable mortgage payment for years (assumes a fix mortgage)
a place to call your very own-it becomes part of your estate you can will it to a child or family member.

In addition to the above owning allows you to control your destiny. Home owners are not beholding to landlords for a monthly rent or the increases that eventually occur.   And once your mortgage is fully paid you own the property outright meaning you are only required to pay in California a biannual property tax fee.
As an owner you can choose to rent your property making it a passive income source.
I believe everyone should take advantage of these unique aspects home ownership allows!

I would enjoy sitting down with you to discuss how homeownership can fit into your future!